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Although “Big Mama” may appear to be a mythical creature in a cartoon form, she is actually a real person with the given name of “Laura".  

Big Mama has been coming to Ocean City for many years, and she now resides here locally full time, where she enjoys spending time with her friends and family partaking in all that Ocean City has to offer, including the live music scene which comes into play later in this story. She is an avid bike rider and is regularly spotted on the water or on the beaches. Big Mama is actually quite the Wakeboarder, so keep on the lookout for her behind a boat cutting through the wake. You might also spot her down on the boards peddling her lavender Townie around before 11:00 AM in the summer months.  

Everyone always wonders how it came about that Big Mama got her name, and the story has been told more than once. Well Big Mama has always been a rock to her family and taken the bull by the horns and makes things happen. For that reason, the kids started referring to her as “Big Lure”.  That’s not a type “O”, Lure being a shortened version of Laura. This is partially out of respect, and partially out of the kids loving to bust her balls. It would appear they get true pleasure out of poking at her in a truly funny way which Big Mama gets a kick out of. There are many stories floating around out there about Big Mama when she was Big Lure. One of them involves her rolling down a ski slope in Utah past the kids screaming out biblical passages in hopes that she would stop. Another one of my favorites is her surfing in Costa Rica and somehow losing a rash guard, but that’s a whole different story, and it was quite a sight to see. As mentioned earlier Big Mama loves live music and one of her personal favorites and good friend is Bryen O’Boyle who is an Ocean City legend and the lead singer of a band called “Mr. Greengenes”. If you have ever seen Bryen play you know that one of his best covers is a little hit called “Country Roads”, by the late John Denver. It is truly amazing how the course of events and this song gave Big Mama her legendary nickname and transformed her from “Big Lure” into “Big Mama”. A few years back one of Big Mama’s kids went off to West Virginia University (WVU). Big Mama couldn’t have been prouder and made it a point to go up there for lots of football games and visits. You would have thought she was back in college.  On a few occasions while out and about at the WVU water holes, she was asked if she was a doctoral student. Ironically enough Big Mama does hold a master’s degree from George Washington University. Getting back to her being asked if she was a doctoral student, of course she said she was, she just didn’t say it was in having a good time, and it was a self-study program. If you know anything about WVU, their anthem song is “Country Roads”, and there is a reference in the song to “Mountain Mama”. All of the kids there started calling her Mountain Mama as did Bryen O’Boyle every time he would see Big Mama at one of his shows, which was pretty much everyone in Ocean City, a few in Baltimore, and the Running of the Santa’s in Philly, which is a whole different story. Next thing you know the nicknames “Big Lure” and “Mountain Mama” were combined into just simply put,,, “Big Mama”.  

So when the opportunity came about for Laura to get involved in the restaurant business it was only natural that it be called “Big Mama’s”.